In the world of IT, jobs are often linked to projects. When the project is complete, the job vanishes. That poses a special problem to the project owner: he wants the best to work on his project, but interest few with his time-limited job offer.

A new job site, based in Tallinn, Estonia, but with a global focus, caters for exactly this situation. It links project-linked jobs with IT workers around the world, looking for short-term changes in their environments – a kind of working sabbatical, if that is not a contradictio in terminis.

The site, called, as you might have suspected, has been going since June 2014. Last week it hit the headlines with a $2 million U.S. capital injection. offers IT jobs linked to projects, meaning you must have confidence in your IT skills, and be willing to travel and live somewhere else for as long it takes to develop the project – typically (according to Jobbatical) between three and 12 months.

For more on the capital injection of $2 million U.S., the founders and the business model of the site, go to online magazine, which first reported the story (here).

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