DoneDeal adds security measures for users

21 Jun 2016

DoneDeal, Ireland’s biggest horizontal, free-to-list platform, introduced ‘verified e-mail’ and said it will also roll out ‘phone number verification’ over the next few weeks.

The extra layers of security have been implemented, because the site wants users to have more knowledge about who they are doing their deals with.

Done deal

DoneDeal said it believes in simple solutions for users, but being easy to navigate is not always the best thing, and so it added the verification mechanisms.

It said: “We feel that both these steps are a really good base for improving DoneDeal and we will be continuing to work on this.  Over the coming months, we plan to add further verifications as well as DoneDeal profile-enhancing options.

“This will enable DoneDealers to make their ads stand out from the crowd as the most trustworthy ones to choose.”


Lisa Walls-Hester