Estate agent site now in seven German states

22 Jun 2016, the real estate site launched by estate agents in the south of Germany last year, has expanded its geographic footprint.

At launch it was available in two of Germany’s 16 states, namely Bayern and Baden-Württemberg. Now it operates in five more states, namely Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg West-Pomerania.

Here is the landing page of the Hamburg sub-site on

And it’s employing: Munich-based IVD Süd, creator and operator of the site, is advertising a half-day job for a junior online content manager (here) to promote the site on the social media and assist with member acquisition.

The site development and upkeep was outsourced to ED Computer & Design in Cologne. So, the online content manager will be the first and only employee of the site inside IVD Süd.

IVD is Germany’s biggest association for real estate agents and IVD Süd is the biggest regional division of IVD. It serves Baden-Württemberg and Bayern, which are the economic powerhouses of the country. IVD Süd has about 1,600 member agents.

Estate agents who are members of IVD Süd, and of the regional divisions of IVD in the five “new” states, may list any number of properties on the site at no cost to them. Their IVD membership fee covers the cost of using the site. Once these agents have paid their membership fees, they can use the site. In effect, the site is an extra IVD service offered to members.

We don’t know (yet) on which basis the owner (IVD Süd) allows the other regional associations of IVD to use IVD24Immobilien. We’ve asked and will report.

Here is an earlier report on the new agent site.



Christo Volschenk

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