Frode Eilertsen leaves Schibsted

24 Jun 2016

Frode Eilertsen (photo) has left Schibsted after three years as EVP for digital transformation and CEO of Schibsted’s product and technology. The announcement of his departure appeared on the Schibsted company site, and was written by the PR director Anders Rikter (here).

Frode Eilertsen, looking for new opportunities (from LinkedIn)

Frode Eilertsen, looking for new             opportunities (from LinkedIn)

Eilertsen’s decision may come as no surprise to some insiders. In November last year he left the group management board, when Rian Liebenberg stepped in as EVP chief technology officer (CTO), and was given the chance to head up a new strategic project – something like a “unicorn lab” – with the aim to identify, fund, build and roll out ventures with the potential to grow into unicorns.

Rikter wrote: “The last six months (Eilertsen) led a New Growth project for Schibsted. The exciting findings will now be integrated and further developed as part of a new global strategy for Schibsted Growth, a division that invests and develops great digital entrepreneurial companies.”

We are not 100 percent sure whether Eilertsen’s position as head of the New Growth project was a promotion, or just a way to solve the problem that there was no room in the group management board for both Liebenberg and Eilertsen. If there was a confrontation, Liebenberg, a former Googler, must have come out on top.

But, Eilertsen was first out to explain Schibsted’s strategy and to talk of Google and Facebook as Schibsted’s biggest competitors (read here).

In Rikter’s announcement there is no hint of what Eilertsen will do next. Looking for new unicorns, his last job at Schibsted, might have given him some really good ideas. If so, he hasn’t told anyone yet. We might find out later, and when we do, we’ll report.


Lars Herlin

Lars Herlin is an AIM Group senior analyst for Europe, and our expert on Schibsted. He had a long career in journalism at Expressen, Svenska Dagbladet and VeckansAffärer, and served as managing editor and later managing director of Gotlands Allehanda.