New IT job site launches in Nigeria

27 Jun 2016

Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, has witnessed record internet growth and penetration in the last decade. This brought unprecedented technological development, and a new demand for technology skills.

In response to this demand, Devcenter built an online marketplace to connect employers with highly skilled, local software developers. The site is called Devcenter Jobs, and it went live on June 17.

The landing page of the site is divided into two sections – ‘Post A Job’ and ‘Start a project’. The latter is for employers and leads to a form that requires filling in details such as job role, job description, required skills, job type, and project budget.

The former is for employers (site clients) who don’t have the experience or time to manage a software team. In this case, they are hiring Devcenter as a cohesive unit, to deliver the project so they can focus on the business side of things.

After potential clients have listed their jobs/projects, developers who are registered on Devcenter can see all of them in a scanable feed, and apply for jobs that look interesting.

Devcenter will oversee all client-developer transactions (including invoicing and payments) to ensure the developer only gets paid for work properly completed. In the same vein, they’ll take a percentage as the transaction fee, and to give a sense of the expected quality, all the developers on the platform will be ranked by both their peers, and the clients they’ve worked with.

“Through the years, we’ve received hundreds of developer requests”, said Devcenter co-founder Akin Falomo. “There are only so many requests we can manually fulfil. We decided to create Devcenter Jobs to scale this process. Nigerian developers are at a par with the rest of the world. It’s time to get these jobs,” he said.

Demand for Nigerian software developers doesn’t only come from within the country, but also from international markets. Earlier this month, Andela, a Lagos-based start-up that trains local talents to become world-class software developers, and secures outsourced technology projects from companies in the west, received $24 million from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Google Ventures.

Among its clients are Microsoft and IBM. In May, Mark Zuckerberg also commended the co-founders of Nigeria’s leading jobs site This international attention lends credence to the increasing demand for tech talents within Nigeria, even as companies in developed markets are looking to outsource and cut costs.


Adegoke Seun

Adegoke Seun Oyeniyi is a business intelligence and media consultant specialized in helping foreign companies understand or penetrate African markets. He is also an award-winning business writer with Ashoka Scholar and 2016 Media Prize to his credit. He is the AIMGroup West Africa analyst covering major markets like Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana.