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Inploi, a London-based technology start-up, launched an app and a web-based jobs network for the U.K. hospitality industry.

In January, Inploi raised money from angel investors Cazenove Capital, Investec, Deloitte Investing, Kgolo Investments and Almington Capital.

The app will initially focus on the hospitality sector, Britain’s fourth largest employer with around 2.9 million workers. It is predicted that more than 800,000 vacancies will need to be filled in this sector in 2016.


Co-founder Matthew de la Hey said, “The jobs market is fundamentally inefficient for everyone involved. Employers spend too much time and money finding the right staff, while job seekers can’t find appropriate opportunities; and the applicant experience tends to be poor.

“We looked closely at the recruitment process in hospitality, and the wider service economy, and realized that entrenched inefficiencies could not be addressed by simply adapting the agency, or jobs board model for mobile.”

Co-founder Alex Hanson-Smith said, “The recruitment industry has been slow to react to the fact that technology has altered the way people think about transactions. Inploi is providing job-seekers and employers with a new way to work with an easy-to-use web and mobile platform.