Can Pokemon raise RE conversation rates?

26 Jul 2016

Pokemon Go is yet to arrive in Brazil, but real estate platform VivaReal wants to benefit from the app-based game, which already has millions of fans in the Portuguese-speaking nation.

A leading real estate vertical player in Brazil, VivaReal has enabled its app users to find the nearest “PokeStops” and “PokeGyms,” if any, through a filter in its app for mobile devices.

Brokers and agents in the U.S. and Australia are already including information about the nearest PokeStops and PokeGyms in their listings, a move that is expected to help brokers make their ads stand out in the crowds.

A listing at US Zillow says Pokemon Gym and Pokemon Stop are just "next door"

A listing at U.S. Zillow says Pokemon Gym and Pokemon Stop are “just next door”

“I think the main part is just standing out among other properties,” a broker told Australia’s

“All properties are marketed in a generic cookie-cutter type of way. So any point of difference and anything we can do to set ourselves apart from other properties is going to help,” said Ben Nguyen.

“So no, we don’t only expect to get a Pokemon fan to love it and buy it on that basis. But definitely, it [the Pokemon Go campaign] will help increase the initial buzz of the property,” he said.

VivaReal believes brokers can use Pokemon Go as a way to generate more leads.

“Of course, including in a listing that the property is close to a PokeStop or a PokeGym won’t increase the market value of your property or make it sell more quickly, but it’s a way to better position yourself in the market, and also attract more attention to your ads,” a post on the company’s blog said.

Mariana Ferronato, VivaReal’s marketing director, labeled Pokemon Go as a “trend” that could “represent a behavioral change in the way people relate with the location when buying a property.”

According to VivaReal, the feature can help brokers close deals. Data from VivaReal indicates location is one of the factors people consider the most when choosing a place to live, just behind price.

“Properties with complete addresses generate 83 percent more leads,” estimated the company.

It’s still early days, and somewhat difficult to say or estimate how the “Pokemon factor” can help – if it can help at all – real estate classifieds to generate more leads, and ultimately rise conversation rates. One thing we know for sure: it won’t hurt to try it.

This VivaReal video in Portuguese explains how the Pokemon feature works in the company’s app.


Léo Siqueira

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