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Malaysia’s IT job site TribeHired acquired HubbaHired in Thailand for an undisclosed amount. It is an innovative and complementary pairing of two start-ups in Southeast Asia, which could very well turn into a marriage made in heaven.

HubbaHired is a job site focused on start-ups.

TribeHired launched in 2012 at the Joyful Frog Digital Innovation (JFDI) accelerator network, one of the longest running accelerators in Southeast Asia. It received funding in 2012, and then expanded to Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Singapore, and Bangkok.

TribeHired currently has a model unique in the region: Every week the company features the Top-50 developers who have uploaded resumes and are in its database.

TribeHired then distributes this list to an exclusive group of employers, who may compete to hire the best talent. Most of the talent featured, has so far been hired within a week. (More about this approach on LinkedIn.)

With this extensive curation strategy comes HubbaHired, which was part of a successful three month accelerator program within Hubba. Hubba is in the business of stunning workspaces, within vibrant communities, and while providing business services to their thousands of members worldwide. Hubba creates these stunning co-working spaces and active communities through their infrastructure, services, events and technology. The community spans across eight locations in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Vientiane and growing across Southeast Asia.

Today HubbaHired, an offshoot of Hubba, is hiring for several dozen tech companies, such as LINE, the Ascend Group and Grab, with over 700 open positions in progress. HubbaHired has engaged the existing TAAS (Talent acquisition as a service) model over the past twelve months.

TAAS is a service which places a recruiter on-site with the employer to help speed up the hiring process.

The marriage of HubbaHired’s expertise with TribeHired’s platform aims to drive growth and create a “plug-in”, or technology tool for the team to directly connect with the line managers.

HubbaHired under the TribeHired family will create a regional player already in four different cities. According to TribeHired CEO and co-founder Devan Singaram, the deal consists of cash and equity, though no details were announced.

“HubbaHired came up on our radar after showing some pretty impressive growth over the last three months. They have shown themselves as a team that can execute and they will complement our Thailand operations.

“Their current product also closes the gap between our current platform and line managers. We’re happy to have them join the TribeHired family, and to grow regionally from here,” said Devan Singaram, co-founder and CEO of TribeHired.

Amarit Charoenphan, group chief executive officer of Hubba, said: “With this acquisition, we believe we can fulfill the vision of supporting local start-ups to an even greater extent, now also helping them with their recruiting needs using technology platform and offline recruitment services.”

TribeHired, along with the newly acquired HubbaHired team, will continue to provide high quality candidates, while reducing the time to hire, to create a “plug-in” or technology tool for hiring managers and recruiters to build an effective partnership when hiring.

TribeHired has plans to grow from four cities and launch its business to six additional cities over the next twelve months.

The Thailand team will be managed by John Thornton as country manager, and be based in Hubba’s Discovery Hubba within the Siam Discovery shopping complex.

TribeHired raised a seed round worth $560,000 U.S. in 2013 from Singapore-based TNF Ventures. The Hubba group raised $350,000 U.S. in a pre-series A round led by 500 Startups in October 2015.

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