Real estate chatbots flavor of month in Southeast Asia

03 Aug 2016

Real estate bot Rebecca is paving the way for real estate platforms in Southeast Asia by collecting valuable data on buyers in specific markets.

It was unveiled recently by the IProperty Group, owner and operator of leading real estate sites in Asia. Rebecca is short for Real Estate Bot With Enhanced Communication. It (or she?) answers increasingly complex questions from consumers as it learns on the go. The bot also provides agents with 24/7 support – so they never have to miss a call.

Rebecca helps users find their desired properties to rent or buy and will provide them with a list of suggestions based on the request submitted.

The bot responds to queries from buyers in the process of researching property, and collects data about their transactional behavior along the way. Rebecca is also capable of sensing the buyer’s emotion, such as the intensity of their desire to buy.

According to CEO Georg Chmiel, “ (there is) …far more data related to urgency and state of mind, which can then be utilized intelligently by agents to close sales”. Chmiel spoke at the Property Portal Watch Conference in Bangkok, where he said going forward the success of platforms will be measured by the richness of their data. “The trend for the future will be to measure interaction data,” he added.

StreetSine, which manages Singapore real estate site SRX Property, recently launched the chatbot Sevi. It is able to answer questions on topics ranging from market valuations to listing availability, and plot sizes. It can also help compare properties and direct consumers to appropriate real estate agents.

Sevi (short for Search, Evaluation, Valuation and Initiate transactions) is available on multiple platforms, including Facebook Messenger, various Singapore media and property players,,, SPH digital widgets, SRX Property’s Agent Connect and MyProperty tracker.

The best interaction experience is reportedly through Facebook Messenger. Search for “SRX Sevi” in Messenger, and anyone can start chatting. “When other carrier platforms, such as WhatsApp and WeChat, are ready to carry chatbots, StreetSine will make Sevi available to them,” the company said.

StreetSine manages and operates the Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX) and Hong Kong Real Estate Exchange (HRX).

Each exchange is a digital platform that provides the real estate market with computer-generated pricing, listing services, lead generation, and integrated applications for property-related professions.

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Marian Jacob

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