GoneforGood could be a threat to stuff sites

08 Aug 2016

GoneforGood, an app recently launched in the U.K., offers people a way to get rid of unwanted items without the hassle of selling them – and feel good about it.

GoneforGood.org.uk is a possible threat to existing classified players, because it gives people another way to dispose of redundant possessions.


Users photograph unwanted items, which can be anything from clothing to large furniture, and then upload the pictures to their selected charities. The selected charity then arranges for a volunteer to collect the items directly from a donor’s home.

The app currently works with ten participating charities. Among them, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research U.K., Oxfam (does development work in poor countries) and Shelter (helps the homeless in the U.K.).

It aims to re-channel 6 percent of saleable clothing and other items which presently end up in landfill sites and to double the amount of goods given to local people who live below the poverty line and who rely on charity shops for clothes, children’s toys, furniture, and other items.

The app is available for download in the ITunes store and Google Play store.


Lisa Walls-Hester