OLX to host power class for Nigerian software developers

08 Aug 2016

OLX Nigeria, in collaboration with a local technology news site Techcabal, will host a product development workshop for software developers in Lagos. The event, planned for Wednesday, Aug. 10 at iDEA Hub in Lagos, will see a powerful delegation of technology experts engage with the participants.

They include Stephen Ballot, chief technology officer of OLX  (Sub-Saharan Africa), Stephen van der Heijden, product owner of OLX (Sub-Saharan Africa), Kene Udeze, UX lead at Nigeria’s leading technology hub CcHub, and Oo Nwoye, founder and executive director of TechCircle Nigeria.

Several leading technology companies, including Google and Facebook, have been engaging Nigeria’s developer community to foster development and source talents for their operations. The unprecedented levels of internet penetration and technology development witnessed in the country have provoked an insatiable demand for technology products, talents and skills.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently praised developers and founders of Nigeria’s leading jobs site Jobberman.com, adding that he couldn’t wait to see further innovation coming from the country.


Adegoke Seun

Adegoke Seun Oyeniyi is a business intelligence and media consultant specialized in helping foreign companies understand or penetrate African markets. He is also an award-winning business writer with Ashoka Scholar and 2016 Media Prize to his credit. He is the AIMGroup West Africa analyst covering major markets like Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana.