‘Cheezy’ recruitment blog resumes

16 Aug 2016
Joel Cheesman -- 'Cheezhead'

Joel Cheesman

Cheezhead is back, and he’s better than ever.

“Cheezhead” is Joel Cheesman, a blogger who wrote a remarkably interesting, informative, entertaining and smart blog about recruiting and human resources from 2005 until about 2011. Cheesman joined Jobing.com as an SVP in 2009 and it acquired his blog. When Cheesman and Jobing parted ways in 2011, Cheezhead took a hiatus. A far-too-long hiatus.

Recruiting Today recently signed him as a contractor, and he’s writing about three posts a week — in addition to running his start-up, Ratedly, an employer-rating site.

He writes with the snark, attitude, authority and intelligence that we try to provide, too. He’s more about recruiting than recruitment advertising, so he’s not always on target for our audience. But his last three pieces — about the Monster Worldwide acquisition by Randstad, about using Pluck for Twitter sourcing, and about Indeed’s brilliant lead-generation strategy — knock the ball out of the park on analysis and intell. And they make us wish we’d signed him (although who knows where and how we could have used all of that good stuff).

We’ll keep an eye on him for you, and link to his stuff when it’s exceptional. Meantime, you can sign up for the RecruitingToday RSS feed if you want to skip the middleman. It may be worth it.


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