Gumtree S.A. offers inventory tool

21 Aug 2016

Gumtree in South Africa has introduced a new system to give small- and medium-sized businesses an affordable tool for managing their inventory online.

Gumtree ProTool for Goods, which costs a monthly fee of R199 ($14.75 U.S.) without a contract, lets businesses use Gumtree as a shop window. It gives users access to all advertised stock with tracking; notes where items are being sold and when the best days of sale are; provides ad suggestions for items that have been listed for more than 60 days; displays margins; and gives access to analytics for site data to improve decision making.

Barrie Swart of Gumtree said the site hopes ProTool will become the go-to inventory management system for South African small businesses. It is the second of multiple planned ProTool platforms – ProTool for Property was first; ProTool for Jobs will be next, he said.

Swart said Gumtree delivers nearly a million unique goods-related visits every month.

“We already carry ads from over 100,000 users who are ‘professional sellers’ each month,” he said. “Many of these sellers were dependent on stock management packages that were either extremely basic (such as Excel) or very expensive (such as Sage Pastel). We wanted to provide a system that was both more powerful and more affordable.”

Denise Knight, who sells imported mobile phone accessories via Gumtree, said she used to upload imports when they were received and track them individually. “We would have to log in, locate the ad in order to delete or change the available amount of a particular item, and then make it live again,” says Knight. ProTool has simplified the process.


Mamello Masote