BProperty live in Bangladesh

25 Aug 2016

Emerging Markets Group, which owns real estate verticals Zameen.com in Pakistan and Bayut.com in Dubai, launched BProperty.com in Bangladesh for renting, buying and selling properties.

BProperty also aims to share with the users its shortlisted properties and negotiate rent or sale on behalf of them.

The launch was originally planned for February, but was delayed.

“BProperty.com is going to be the most comprehensive real estate e-commerce site operating in Bangladesh,” Shifatur Rahman, the site’s MD, told Dhaka Tribune in July.


Tariq Ahmed Saeedi

Tariq Ahmed Saeedi writes stories on sharing economies in Asia – particularly Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran. He joined the AIM Group in January 2016. Tariq is also a spotter, monitoring global marketplace industry’s updates. He carries more than 15 years of writing experience. Tariq frequently contributes economic/tech news and analysis to a daily The News International and a magazine. He has also written features and interview articles for various other publications and some of his write-ups have been cited for references in reports by the World Bank and archived in Florida Institute of Technology’s library. Tariq has also narrated corporate website content for Audi importer in Pakistan and others. He started his career from a television’s current affairs department in 2003 and later joined the country’s premier news agency Pakistan Press International.