Want a water park? Check Kijiji …

25 Aug 2016

We’re so over the “Look what’s for sale on Craigslist / EBay / Kijiji” genre that we haven’t done one for at least two or three years. But we just had to do this one.

Look what’s for sale on Kijiji: A water park. More accurately, 12 water slides from the “beloved” Wild Rapids water park in central Alberta, Canada. The park, between Edmonton and Calgary, is closing permanently in September after 34 years. The slides are for sale complete with pumps, boilers and other equipment.

“Most of them could be dismantled, resurfaced and erected somewhere else if someone wishes to do that,” Bert Messier, president of the company that owns Wild Rapids, told the Calgary Herald. “You need an entrepreneur who has a vision and has a dream.”

To take the park apart will cost up to $5 million. Rebuilding it is spending on top of that.

Still, if you want a water park in your backyard or elsewhere, check out the ad on Kijiji. Just be prepared to take the slides down in 60 days.



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