OLX releases mobile stats for Poland

06 Sep 2016

Naspers’ OLX published its mobile usage statistics for H1 2016 for Poland. According to Naspers, already 60 percent of the traffic on the site comes from mobile devices.

The OLX mobile app is currently installed in more than 3.5 million phones in Poland (usually on Android devices). Every day, it is used by about 80,000 users to view the offers, and by about 40,000 users to add new listings.

According to Naspers’ survey, conducted in the summer of 2016 and with a sample of 37,000 users of OLX.pl, the most common reasons to use the app is:

(1) to buy (57 percent of respondents);

(2) to sell (41 percent);

(3) to look if there is something interesting (41 percent), and

(4) to search for a job (19 percent).

When asked where the app is used, OLX users mostly replied “at home, on the couch” (73 percent), “in bed, before going to sleep” (46 percent) and “at work” (36 percent). Other popular situations in which it is used, include:

(1) while travelling by bus and train (26 percent);

(2) during meals (26 percent);

(3) during visits to the toilet (21 percent);

(4) on journeys by public transport to kill boredom (20 percent), and

(5) in boring meetings (13 percent).

The most attractive features of the app for its users are receiving notifications and the ability to contact other users.

Naspers’ OLX.pl is the largest general classifieds site in Poland. It operated in Poland under the brand of Tablica.pl until April 2014. The site has 12 million unique users and 1.4 billion page-views per month (source: PBI/ Gemius, 05/2016).


Andrzej Sowula

Andrzej Sowula has been a writer and an analyst for AIM Group since March 2013, focusing on the Polish market. As a journalist, he has worked in Poland for regional newspapers and national Internet-focused magazines for almost a decade. He has also substantial both in-house and in a PR agency experience as a PR specialist. Currently, he owns a small PR consultancy in Poland called PR Solutions. Andrzej has graduated from Journalism, Political Science and Business and Management at Jagiellonian University. He lives and works in Krakow.