New LetGo TV campaign runs in Turkey

08 Sep 2016

LetGo, the mobile-first stuff app of Naspers which launched in Turkey in May 2015, enjoyed major successes with its TV campaign in February this year (we reported in depth here). Now it’s back with a second TV campaign.

From the day its first TV spots flighted in Q1 of the year, LetGo rose in the download charts to one of the apps most downloaded (that was the case for both the IOS and Android apps). And it has stayed up there since, making LetGo the most used marketplace app in Turkey in just a short time. 

The new TV campaign – a pretty aggressive one – will run for almost six weeks on Turkish TV channels. It started in July. The campaign consists of three spots of 31 seconds each, which all emphasize the message, “your products will sell in a short time on LetGo”.


The increased popularity of LetGo brought about by the first TV campaign, woke EBay’s – one of the biggest competitors of LetGo in Turkey – up.

It launched its own TV spots for the first time in years, each with an 8-second duration only – and aimed at different products emphasized by LetGo’s TV spots.

The TV spots promoted 15 different brands, and flighted for six weeks. In July, LetGo rolled out three new TV spots with the same objective as before. These spots also communicate the message, “your products will sell quickly on LetGo”.     

We reckon LetGo launched a second campaign for two reasons, namely to protect its market leadership position and awareness, and to respond to the TV spots of

 Look at LetGo’s latest TV spots on YouTube:


Emre Dalkilic

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