Dutch job site NVB launches personalized career advice

07 Oct 2016

NationaleVacatureBank, leading job site of the Netherlands owned by De Persgroep, now offers a career advice page called CarriereMentors, with advice tailored to each job seeker individually.

The new career advice site has 25 mentors consulting job seekers on how to write cover letters and prepare applications. They also respond to questions pertaining to their specific work situations.

The service is available from 9 in the morning to 9 at night on weekdays in the form of an online chat, phone calls, or with the exchange of emails.

This personalized service for job seekers is aimed at recouping market share lost by general job sites in many markets as specialized and niche jobs sites, and aggregators, social networks and apps grew in popularity.

The heyday of job sites, such as NVB and Monsterboard.nl, is already more than ten years behind us,” a Dutch financial publication wrote recently (full article in Dutch here).   

NVB has around 25,000 listings and one million CVs in its database. According to SimilarWeb, it has one million visits per month on average. NVB has been nominated website of the year in the Netherlands for several consecutive years.


Anastasia Gnezditskaia

Anastasia Gnezditskaia is a writer / analyst covering France, Benelux and Morocco. Based in Antwerp, Belgium, she has a background working for trade publications covering markets and their regulation in Washington, D.C., where she lived for 10 years. Following this she managed international development projects in Africa at the World Bank, and worked as a journalist covering Congress, federal government agencies and financial markets, including energy futures.