Here is an ad campaign that will make you sit up for at least three reasons.

It’s a campaign of job search engine (U.S. site only). The headline says all: “Hack your job search” (look below).

We saw the ad in the latest Launch Ticker newsletter, and assumed it wasn’t the only place to run. How big the campaign is, and where and when it runs, we don’t know yet.

It’s difficult to find the most amazing aspect of it (rule one of news journalism: always bring the most important information to the top), but this is probably it: If you apply via Indeed, and land a job, Indeed will pay you $2,000 in cash! So, here we have a job search engine which rewards successful job applicants for applying via its site. Of course, every Indeed service used by the job seeker, is free to him.

Second, amazing aspect: You apply once, and Indeed passes your resume with application on to the top 100 IT employers in the U.S.. The few examples of companies in Indeed’s “network” mentioned on the site, include Facebook, Uber, GrubHub, Dropbox, HomeAway, Evernote and BazaarVoice.

So, Indeed assumes total flexibility on the part of IT workers regarding where they work and live – probably a realistic assumption, since they’re not talking of relocating outside the U.S..

This is what Indeed says about it’s offer regarding locations and relocating: “We are currently focused on matching candidates with opportunities in Austin, London, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City. Local candidates and those who are willing to relocate to these cities are encouraged to apply. We will expand Ihackndeed Prime to more cities very soon.”

The third, amazing aspect of this campaign is (this is not new, but always astounding), how Indeed gets away with, on the one hand, partnering with job sites, while on the other hand fiercely competing with them.

A fourth, amazing reminder, is just how in-demand IT workers are right now. They simply have to mention they’re in the market for a job, and then wait for job offers from the world’s most-desired internet companies. This is the situation in many countries around the world – a situation which is probably a first-off in the history of the worldwide (as opposed to national) job market.

More on the Indeed offer: The search engine asks IT workers to register on Indeed Prime, and complete a resume (profile). All free.

“Once approved, we share your profile with our vetted employer network,” says Indeed.

“Interested employers will reach out with salary, position, and equity upfront.” So, Indeed takes on the role of quasi-headhunter for an approved IT job seeker, and does all the legwork for him. If he gets hired, Indeed (probably) takes a finder’s fee from the employer and (definitely) shares $2,000 with the successful applicant as a so-called “signing bonus”.

A strong proposition, indeed.

Read all about Indeed, the headhunter, here.

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