JobSenz gets $40,000 from Facebook’s FbStart program

18 Oct 2016

Facebook selected Singapore-based start-up JobSenz as a candidate for capital and other support under its FbStart program.

It gave the app-based, job search company a $40,000 U.S. grant to establish itself in its markets (currently India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka). Jobsenz helps both students and working professionals to find jobs.

jobsenzIt was founded last year by Monish Karam, an alumni of National University of Singapore, who hails from Manipur state of North Eastern India. Besides getting a grant of $40,000, JobSenz will also get access to FbStart’s community of global partners, which include companies such as Coursera, Stripe, DropBox and Twilio.

Under this program, the app will also be guided by the engineering teams from FbStart. Besides providing job search services, the app also provides students with a platform on which coaching centers and educators can sell their course material. The app also has a free tool for building your resume (in PDF) on your smartphone in just a view clicks.

Click here for a short video on the app in YouTube.

Revenue streams include advertising, and charging the coaching centers a percentage of sales of premium content. “We are focusing on job and resume services for additional revenue sources,” Karam told the Economic Times.


Shilpa Shree