The free ride is over on Craigslist recruitment ads, at least in the United States and parts of Canada.

Craigslist has posted notices on more than 60 local sites where ads are currently free, notifying users that fees will take effect as of next Tuesday (Nov. 1).

As of today, Craigslist charges in 61 U.S. markets and in Vancouver, British Columbia. In another 226 U.S. markets, it has not charged until now for job listings. We checked 63 of those sites; 37 said the fee would be $7 as of Tuesday and another 26 said a $10 fee will be charged for each listing.

craigslistlogo-revenueCraigslist also plans to start charging $7 to $10 for each job listing in a handful of Canadian cities. (The site does not specify whether that charge will be in U.S. or Canadian dollars.) We found notice of new charges in Toronto ($10 per listing); Montreal ($7), and Victoria ($7). However, we checked and found no notice about charges in Ottawa, Prince Edward Island, Whistler / Squamish (B.C.), Halifax (Nova Scotia), Edmonton (Alberta), Regina (Saskatchewan) or Kamloops (B.C.), so perhaps job listings in those markets will remain free.

We also checked Craigslist sites in London, Paris, Munich and Amsterdam. There was no indication of new fees for job listings in those cities, either.

The AIM Group will release its 2016 Craigslist revenue estimate next week as part of the AIM Group 2016 Global Classified Annual Report.

Craigslist launched in 1995. All ads were free until 2004, when it imposed a $75 charge on job listings in San Francisco. Over the years, it has added fees for job listings in medium-sized and large cities throughout the U.S. Until November 2015, all job listings were $25 each except in the San Francisco Bay area, where they remained $75. Craigslist then raised the ads to as much as $45 in some markets.

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The AIM Group / Classified Intelligence Global Classified Advertising Annual — to be released late next week — will include coverage of:

  • The new Facebook Marketplace, a threat to every classified site worldwide
  •, and the entirely different threat posed to classified sites — indeed, any internet site that carries advertising — by the legal action under way against Backpage
  • The growth of the global “Big Five” classified companies into the “Big Six.” Which company made our list for the first time this year, and why?
  • How Craigslist increased its revenue so remarkably in 2016, and how it keeps growing despite the giant target on its back
  • “Pure app” companies like LetGo, OfferUp, Shpock, Wallapop and others that are challenging the legacy classified sites with multi-million dollar investments — sometimes from classified insiders, and sometimes from outsiders.
  • Top horizontal classified sites in more than 40 countries, spanning six continents, and some exciting start-ups

The report will sell for $1,495 (U.S.) / €1.369. Advance orders receive a 20 percent discount — $1,195 U.S. / €1.094. To order click here and use the discount code “advance2016.” All orders will be fulfilled with an emailed PDF as soon as the report is released. And all orders are guaranteed — your money back for any reason if you’re dissatisfied with the report.


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