is a hyperlocal, jobs search engine (website, mobile and print magazine) for part-timers managed by Japan’s Recruit Jobs.

It rolled out browsing technology to help job seekers keep track of new openings in an offline environment.

By placing the bookmark information of Townwork on the home screen, a job seeker can instantly open the bookmarked web page in an offline environment, and synchronize the background. Usability is also improved, because web pages can be operated like applications.

Likewise, Chrome Push communicates to Android devices and enables a job seeker to receive a push notification. He doesn’t have to open a web page on Townwork. Job listings information is updated every Monday or Tuesday( if a first weekday is a national holiday). This function eliminates the probability of overlooking an arising job vacancy.


Recruit Holdings, listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE: 6098), launched the part-timer service for feature phones in May 2005, six months before the introduction of its desktop service. Now, Townwork can also be accessible from Android and IOS apps.

Yu Miyazaki, a spokesperson of Townwork, told us the service is free for job seekers. But, there is a certain fee for a listing. “It depends on distribution areas, and the size of advertising space,” Miyazaki said. counted 9.4 million visits to Townwork’s mobile and desktop websites in October.

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