Motomi is a new automotive site that will try to compete with current market leaders in Poland, such as Naspers’ Otomoto and

motomiMotomi was launched on Nov. 7. Its start is supported with a big advertising campaign that is run on TV and online.

For now, both individuals and business users can only add listings in the category autos, but soon the offer will be extended to motorcycles, tractors and special vehicles.

The site runs a system of “rotating advertising” that enables advertisers to easily manage their listings within their 30-day subscription plans. Included in the plan there are also special points that can be used to promote and highlight your listings.

To list an auto ad for 30 days at Motomi now costs an individual nearly 15 Polish zlotys ($3.79 U.S.). Compared with Naspers’ Otomoto, the largest auto vertical in Poland, it is a tempting offer, as Otomoto charges 50 Polish zlotys ($12.66 U.S.) per listing. At OLX, in turn, the same offer costs 24.99 Polish zlotys ($5.82 U.S.).

However, it is more expensive than on, Polska Press’ leading auto site, where an individual can buy a 30-day listing for 9.99 Polish zlotys ($2.52 U.S.).

For business, Motomi prices start from 55 Polish zlotys ($13.92 U.S.). Included in this offer are 5 listings for 30 days, and 20 points as a gift (for example, using 3 points you can move your listings to the top of the search result for a single day). At Otomoto a dealer must pay 99 Polish zlotys ($25.07 U.S.) to add up to 5 listings.

Although Motomi’s prices seem attractive, you have to be aware of the significant difference in coverage. Adding your listing to Otomoto, you will also have it listed at, the most popular general classified site in Poland (with a very strong automotive category), and, the most popular marketplace in Poland, recently sold by Naspers to private equity funds (more on that is here).

As of today, Motomi has about 1,000 listings.

Motomi is owned by Pixel Office. The company only mentions on its website that it deals with ecommerce projects and that it will announce more details soon.

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