Polish media group Agora SA grew revenue by 15.6 percent and profit by 1.6 percent in Q3 of FY2016 from Q3 in FY2015 at its internet division*. Also, revenue of its classified businesses increased slightly in Q3.

Revenue of Agora’s internet division amounted to 38.6 million Polish zlotys ($9.7 million U.S.) in Q3 of FY2016. Included in this number was revenue from online advertising (30.1 million Polish zlotys; 13.2 percent more than in Q3 of FY2015), and vertical classifieds (3.6 million Polish zlotys; 2.9 percent more than in Q3 of FY2015).

Agora internet division’s EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) was 6.4 million Polish zloty ($1.6 million U.S.) in Q3 of FY2016 from 6.3 million Polish zlotys last year.

The company ascribed the slow growth at classifieds to the fact that revenue from the combo print/online offer, and from ad sales on Komunikaty.pl and Nekrologi.Wyborcza.pl sites, was stripped out of the numbers of the internet division at the start of FY2016.

Also, revenue from job ads on GoldenLine is not allocated to the classified segment any more, the company said in its interim report.

*Included in the portfolio of Agora Internet division are job sites GazetaPraca.pl and GoldenLine.pl (since January 2016), auto site Autotrader.pl and real estate site Domiporta.pl, Trader.com (Poland), AdTaily, Sport4People, Sir Local and Optimizers (since March 2016).

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