Professional social network LinkedIn has been blocked in Russia as of November 18.

The career-focused U.S. platform had failed to comply with the country’s Personal Data Law, and had lost appeals in a Moscow court running up to the final decision.

The law was originally implemented in early 2015, and was borne out of Russia’s desire to prevent foreign agencies controlling data on Russian citizens. It stipulates that all data on Russian citizens must be stored on servers based in Russia.

The LinkedIn app on both IOS and Android is still working in Russia. However, Russian telecom regulator Roskomnadzor has promised to block that in addition to the website over the next few days.

A number of major companies have already complied with the law, including Avito (read here,) which moved servers to Russia in early 2015. LinkedIn is estimated to have around 6 million users in Russia.

Russia-based users received the below email today from LinkedIn:

As you may have already learned, the government of the Russian Federation decided to block LinkedIn in Russia because we do not store the personal data of Russian members on the territory of the Russian Federation.
We are disappointed with this decision, which interferes with professional networking and the pursuit of economic opportunity for many of our Russia-based members. Additionally, we believe we are in compliance with all applicable laws, and we are currently evaluating the decision and our options. We expressed to Roskomnadzor, the relevant government agency, our interest in meeting to discuss their localization request directly.
Depending on how this decision is implemented, many of our services may no longer be accessible within Russia for some time. However, you could still access LinkedIn from outside of Russia. You can also still be found and contacted by others for career opportunities, receive relevant content over email, and other benefits.Therefore, we will keep your account open unless you tell us to close it.
If you purchased a paid LinkedIn service and can no longer access that service because of the government block, please let us know via email at and we will make a prorated refund available to you.
Thank you,
LinkedIn Trust & Safety”


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