EBay’s new data-analysis tool (available for sellers in Japan from spring next year) might help the struggling marketplace to claw back some shares in the market for online auctions, which is dominated by Yahoo Japan Auction.

Rumors resurface every now and then that EBay Japan might be closing, but it’s still operating. Admittedly, its audience and traffic numbers are pretty, well … stable on a low level. SimilarWeb.com measured average monthly visits in the last six months to October at only 400,000, while it measured visits to Yahoo’s site at 127 million.

The most recent move (here), was a sign that EBay is far from beaten. In fact, the seller tool might turn into a strong move – since it will be a free tool.

EBay has already introduced its seller hub – a modern business management tool – in north America. By next June, it will be available in 13 countries in America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Actually, the seller hub (look at image) was introduced in 2015. Since then, a score of advanced features and resources have been added.

Now, a seller can customize his dashboard, analyze listings, returns and cancellations, assess sales and expenses and efficiently monitor his competition.

And the listers can easily move between conventional ‘Manager’, ‘Manager Pro’, and ‘Turbo Lister’ mode.

EBay Inc. entered Japan in 2000 – five years after its launch in the U.S.. EBay Classified Group manages 12 top brands, including general classifieds site AlaMaula, auto vertical BilBasen and mobile-only Close5. You can look at the complete global portfolio here.

The marketplace facilitates c-to-c online trading. Besides, it works (or purports to work) for sellers’ success all over the world. Early this month, it renewed an accord with analytics provider Terapeak, Inc. for the provision of research tools to sellers. The agreement was signed for the first time back in 2004.

Equity research analyst James Cakmak at Monness, Crespi, Hardt & Co. told TechCrunch Japan that EBay is increasingly ‘turning itself into Amazon’. That said, it is expanding its fixed-price offering, to make up for the lack of interest in its auction platform.

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