Newsquest rolls 11 job sites out in Wales, England

22 Nov 2016

The landscape for regional job sites became a tick more crowded and competitive earlier this month, with the launch of eleven new, regional job sites by Newsquest Media Group in England and Wales.

NewsQuest Media Group is the U.K. subsidiary of NYSE-listed Gannett Inc.. In 2005, Newsquest acquired Scottish digital media group S1, but allowed it to operate independently from its head office in Glasgow.

S1 has two classifieds brands, namely ExchangeAndMart (an auto site with a U.K.-wide focus) and S1 (a “family” of S1-branded verticals with a narrow focus on Scotland). Included in the S1 family are,,,, and

Earlier this month, Newsquest announced had widened its geographic focus to include England and Wales.

With that introduction, I now hand you over to NewsQuest and its news release. It said:

The recruitment market in England and Wales is due to be disrupted by the launch of eleven regional job sites by an industry leader.

Newsquest, the leading local media group, replicated the success of, its top-ranked Scottish job site, with the roll-out of a network of sites across its 28-million digital audience.

The new sites combine a local focus with national coverage, integrating with Newsquest’s local print titles to capture both passive and active job seekers.

The eleven sites, which include, (serving Oxfordshire) and (focused on South East), replicate the functions of, Scotland’s No. 1 job site, which has served almost three million applications already this year, and averages 30 applications per job listing.

The responsively-designed sites are optimized to work on mobiles and tablets as smoothly as on desktop computers, and recruiters will also see their ads online on Newsquest’s regional news titles.

Newsquest hopes to capture both those actively using an online job site to search new positions, and those who are not actively searching, but may be tempted to make a change when they see ads in their local newspapers.

The launch of the sites is accompanied by a multi-platform advertising campaign across social media, digital and print titles. The main message is “Don’t quit your daydream” and encourages potential applicants to pursue their dreams.

For an example of the video promoting the new sites, go to YouTube

Jobs will appear on the targeted, regional sites, but will also be served in search results nationwide.

Newsquest CEO Henry Walker said: “By leveraging S1’s market-leading recruitment technology, we created eleven highly responsive, regional job sites in England and Wales.

“Newsquest’s unbeatable local presence means recruiters can focus on attracting the best talent in their areas, while at the same time casting their nets nationwide.”

We assume the new sites outside Scotland will also be managed out of Glasgow by the S1 team – and not the local media in England and Wales.


Ffion Llwyd-Jones