Qualified health care personnel working mostly in hospitals, such as nurses and paramedics, has been in acute short-supply for years in Switzerland. Obsan, a local health sector observer, recently estimated Swiss health care institutions will need to employ an additional 25,000 medicine and nursing specialists between now and 2020. 

Probably in response to this situation, Staff Finder AG, the Zurich-based marketplace for temporary staff, launched a new segment dedicated to this – not so typical – temporary jobs niche. Staff Finder claims to be the first, just-in-time, online broker for temporary work worldwide.

Five years after its launch, Staff Finder has grown its audience to 100,000 registered, temporary workers and around 6,000 staffing clients. Until now, it focused on the sectors hospitality, events/promotions, retail/logistics and business services/office.

The start-up offers a Europe-wide, automatic-staffing marketplace, which enables employers facing staff bottlenecks, to recruit short-term healthcare specialists of all professional training levels, after going through a short registration process.

Gianni Valeri, Swiss country manager of Staff Finder, said: We offer employers in the healthcare segment attractive conditions. And we offer employees, including parents, the opportunity to remain employed with 10- or 20-percent, temporary work assignments, for the smallest workloads, and maximum flexibility.

Staff Finder, which is advised by Swiss job board expert and former JobCloud CEO Mark Sandmaier, will also focus on retraining job candidates for healthcare jobs in cooperation with external partners.

Earlier this year, Staff Finder secured a money-for-equity investment by One Peak Partners and Goldman Sachs Private Capital, for international expansion and business development in Switzerland”.

Staff Finder posts a job, which is sent to workers which might be suited for the job in the form of an alert, who then accept or decline. The employer also gets a list with prospective candidates.

The service is available in three languages (German, French and English). When someone is employed, Staff Finder automatically records the number of hours worked, the invoicing, payment and monitoring of the employer and worker.

As an additional sweetener, Staff Finder offers employers and employees an IOS mobile app for “on-the-go and real-time job processing”.

Recently, Staff Finder joined the Disrupt 100 as only Swiss start-up on the list. Disrupt 100 ranks the start-ups with the best chances to change, and create new global markets. Staff Finder made it to the list, since it fills 98 percent of all job requests within four hours.“

Founded in 2011 by CEO Viktor Calabrò, Stefan Rast and Fabrizio Turdo in Zurich, it employs around 100 people, and has a second and third office in London and Lausanne.

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