, a leading job site in Pakistan, introduced verification of companies, to instill confidence in job seekers about the authenticity of their would-be employers.

If an employer is tagged with a green badge, that means it has been verified by the site’s support staff by scrutinizing its credentials. On the other hand, a yellow badge signals doubt, and that means the job site doesn’t have an employer’s identification record, or government registration certificate.


In Pakistan, there are many undocumented businesses, but their existence cannot completely be ignored by online media.

Undocumentation doesn’t imply that a business is fake, or doesn’t exist. The majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are not registered with the government authorities to sidestep a flawed tax system.

They are part of the informal economy, which is estimated to account for 50 percent of Pakistan’s $300 billion U.S. annual gross domestic product (GDP).

More than 75,000 employers hunt talents through It also has 6.5 million registered professionals, and 20 million unique visitors a year.

The recruitment site processed 40 million applications in the first decade of its operation. More than 200 new jobs are being posted daily on the site., a sister concern of Saudi Arabia’s jobs site, has so far raised $8.5 million U.S. in three rounds of funding.

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