The Christmas TV spot of, Poland’s largest marketplace, has gone viral in a big way – both in Poland and abroad.

The ad campaign has been running on the main and thematic TV channels in Poland and online since the end of November. Included in the campaign, is a Facebook Messenger bot (here), which talks to Allegro’s users, complementing the story of the grandfather featured in the TV spot, and helping users find Christmas gifts.

The spot has been viewed almost eight million times on YouTube until now, and has been written about in many leading Polish and English-speaking media. Clearly the spot, which tells the story of a grandfather who learns English to visit his granddaughter living abroad for the first time, is touching viewers’ hearts.

You can watch Allegro’s TV spot with English subtitles here (on YouTube).

A spokesperson for Allegro said on BuzzFeed News (here) that “the spot has become so popular, because many Polish people share the same experience. Nearly one million Poles have left the country in search of jobs, mainly in the U.K.. Despite the relatively close distance between the countries, family ties tend to weaken. Members of other nations or communities can also sympathize easily with the story, by linking the happy ending of a smile and emotional tears to their own everyday experiences.” (The BuzzFeed News link is worth a click – editor.) 

Allegro’s Christmas spot and campaign presents a different approach to the marketing communication of the site to date: It doesn’t focus on the product, but shows how the site functions in the life of the user.

The campaign is the brainchild of a team consisting of the creative agency Bardzo, the director Jesper Ericstam, the production house CutCut and the media house Universal McCann. The same team created, produced and promoted the TV spot which deviates from Allegro’s focus on the product.

Allegro is the largest e-commerce site in Poland. It was recently sold by Naspers together with Ceneo, a price-comparison site, to private equity funds Cinven, Permira and Mid Europe for $3.3 billion U.S. (more on that here).

(We couldn’t ascertain whether Naspers, or the new owners rubberstamped the campaign. The team in Allegro responsible for advertising/marketing remained relatively unchanged before and after the sale, as far as we know – editor.)

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