Seemingly, a reactivated link-building campaign of Everjobs in Bangladesh – and especially its move closer to job seekers on the ground – are translating into traffic growth for the site.

We have previously reported on the site’s move to get closer to job seekers (here) and its link-building campaign (here).

The campaign to get closer to job seekers was called EKO (education, knowledge and opportunity). There was also a conquer-your-career campaign, which comprised a series of workshops and seminars in which online recruitment services were introduced by the site to the target market – job seekers.

The job platform is far from the market leader, which clocks average monthly visits of two million. Its offline moves are, however, unique in the country. Nobody else is interacting with fresh or would-be graduates as frequently as Everjobs does in Bangladesh.

Most recently, average monthly visits on have reached the mark of 250,000, as measured by the site itself. That number is surprisingly close to, the job site of the country’s most-read daily newspaper Prothom Alo.

On, the visits of Everjobs are measured a little lower, but excludes app usage. According to SimilarWeb, more than doubled its visits in the past six months from 80,000 in June to 180,000 in November.

Everjobs Bangladesh launched in May 2015. It is backed by Asia Pacific Internet Group, a joint venture between Rocket Internet and Ooredoo. The start-up claims to be the fastest growing career platform. It has provided more than 2,500 job opportunities since its inception (source: site).

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