Nigeria-based intern-jobs start-up Stutern launched a monthly Lagos Tech Tour for enthusiasts and stakeholders, to grow its brand presence within the technology and business community.

In December, the first round of the one-day Lagos tour charged a participation fee of $15 – and sold out. The Lagos tour took foreign and local investors, founders, and other tech and business stakeholders to major addresses in Nigeria’s burgeoning technology ecosystem, while holding panel sessions.

Nigeria’s technology ecosystem has been receiving global attention, which climaxed with the visit of Mark Zuckerberg at its leading start-up accelerator – the Co-Creation Hub – in September and a $24-million investment in Andela, a local start-up which trains software developers outsourced to tech giants in the U.S., including Microsoft.

Stutern is leveraging the buzz to build rapport among key players and position itself as the go-to platform for recruiting interns.

In a bid to cut cost, local tech companies are searching cheap labor – especially for non-technical roles. Stutern helps them, with intelligent undergraduates and fresh graduates demanding low pay.

Stutern recently closed an exclusive deal with BuyChat, a local commerce chat app, to provide virtual assistants for merchants on the platform. The start-up has a long-standing partnership with West Africa’s largest job site to supply interns for blue-chip employers recruiting on the job site.

Taiwo Ayanleye, Stutern co-founder, told us, “It has been a very profitable relationship. Intially, we got financial help at no interest rate from Jobberman, but the demand coming in through the job site has been so high, that we can operate without their financial assistance”.

Stutern is the only, known internship jobs site in the Nigerian market.

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