rolls out rent-information site for landlords

13 Dec 2016, a leading Japanese real estate search engine of Recruit Holdings, introduced a rent-support service which enables property owners to compare rents and facilities across Japan.

A dedicated site at the domain enables landlords to trawl through statistics of rent charged for properties, and to compare the facilities offered by other landlords. The information is free.


Firstly, a landlord enters the address or station name of the area he wants to examine in the search box at the top of the page, for market quotes.

Secondly, he uses similarity criteria for surrounding properties shown on the left side on the search result page. He can also check detail, such as deposits or key money requested.

Suumo found a positive response from its users during a trial run of this service. It said users called the rent support service ‘very helpful’ for determining the needs of tenants.

Japan experienced growing demand for condominium apartments, independent housing and leasing in the past couple of months. This was confirmed by a 15-percent jump in net sales on Suumo in the six months to end-September (we covered here.)

The site said it receives 11.5 million visits per month, and 2.1 billion page-views per month (excluding mobile app use).


Tariq Ahmed Saeedi

Tariq Ahmed Saeedi covers Pakistan. Tariq is curious to dig up stories revealing the potential of technologies in turning things around.