Schibsted wants to become a global brand, and recruited a manager for its new unit, called Global Brands, at Schibsted Media Group located in Stockholm.

Pär Ekroth (photo), marketing manager at the newspaper Aftonbladet, will move to the new unit to build the Schibsted brand strategy.

Pär Ekroth, new global brand manager (photo from his LinkedIn page with thanks)

Schibsted already has a global communications unit in Stockholm, where the media company also has a unit called Dimas, Schibsted Digital Marketing Agency, and where parts of the communication department work.

In a news release in Swedish, Schibsted announced the new brand strategy.

“Schibsted expects to have a number of new global products, which will be crucial for how the Group’s brand work is conducted.

“It will be exciting, stimulating and challenging to drive brand management at group level.

“In Schibsted, we know that strong brands make a difference. Finding a balance between our local “power brands” and our global initiative, is a key to get the full return on our investments in product and tech, said Ekroth in the news release.

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