Unister’s Auto.de and MyImmo.de to shut down

21 Dec 2016

It looks like Auto.de, the marketplace for new and used autos, and MyImmo.de, the real estate listing platform, will shortly be no more.

Courtesy of Unister GmbH

Sources close to the company told us the sites, owned by Unister GmbH, will be closed down soon. MyImmo.de is scheduled to be taken offline on December 31; Auto.de may be shut down as soon as December 31, but a final date has not been fixed yet.

Unister was placed in provisional liquidation in July.

Auto.de’s home page does not mention the looming shutdown, but as late as last week a message stating the site would be taken down on the anticipated date of December 31 appeared when users tried to register accounts or list autos for sale.

Courtesy of Unister GmbH

This week, the notice was changed to read: “The portal currently offers only limited functionality.” But, the search function for new and used vehicles has been suspended.

Similarly, there’s no notice on MyImmo.de’s home page of an imminent shutdown, and the site continues to list properties for sale or rent. However, a notice appears to users attempting to list a property that the site offers limited functionality, due to a planned shutdown on December 31.

As for the employees of the two platforms, our sources said, since a date for Auto.de’s closure has not been finally determined, they could not confirm what will happen to employees. But, they confirmed that there will be no layoffs at MyImmo.de, since no-one worked exclusively for the site.

The sources also said, negotiations for the sale of both marketplaces (in addition to the many other Unister concerns) are “in an advanced stage”, and that there are “a great many interested parties.”

As we reported in September, Unister’s bankruptcy administrator planned to sell the non-travel divisions, but was first concentrating on restructuring the travel sites belonging to the company, before selling them.

Auto.de was acquired by Unister in 2006. For many years, it was the No. 3 auto site in Germany after Mobile.de and Autoscout24.de, listing around one million vehicles. Its star began to fall after 2014, as parent Unister faced mounting financial problems.

MyImmo.de was launched by Unister in 2009 with the goal of taking on Immobilienscout24.de, the market leader (at the time and still today). It never achieved the size or reach to do this, but as late as last year, it was still among the most popular and top-rated real estate platforms, after Immonet.de and Immowelt.de.


Kate Rodriguez

Kate Rodriguez covers the German market for AIM Group. She is a freelance business writer with an extensive background in public policy, business consulting and marketing. Originally from the U.S., Kate is now based in Munich.