EBay Germany rolls out hub for luxury used goods

22 Dec 2016

EBay continues to grow in Germany, in part by creating shopping hubs around product categories. This allows it to leverage its enormous user base — it is by a large margin the biggest horizontal marketplace in Germany – to target and profit from shopping trends.

And it allows EBay to create niche sites within its vast marketplace, to compete with other specialist sites.

EBay Germany’s new Luxury Vintage Shop

In November, EBay.de launched its newest shopping hub, called Luxury Vintage, a collection of secondhand designer accessories from “brand partners,” or commercial sellers that are part of the EBay Shops program.

The products offered, including jewelry, watches, handbags, and sunglasses, come from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and are all luxury brands.

Jewelry and watches carry certificates of authentication. Return policies depend on sellers’ prescriptions, but most are one month. Currently, there are about 1,200 items for sale on the hub.

As with EBay’s other shopping “centers,” Luxury Vintage bundles items within a particular category (in this case high-end accessories) to create a hub. In some cases, the sellers are local competitors: the women’s used clothing platform Maedchenflohmarkt.de, and the luxury recommerce site BuddyAndSelly.com, for instance, are among the partners on Luxury Vintage.

There is a burgeoning demand for luxury products in Germany, and with Luxury Vintage, EBay may well be testing the waters for more hubs around other high-end goods.

Since last year, EBay Germany has launched a number of hubs, such as the B-Ware Center, a recommerce site for refurbished and used electronic goods, and Smart Home Center. The latter picks up on the hot trend of the “networked home”, and energy efficiency, and bundles for sale new products, such as smartphone-controlled thermostats and security cameras, from commercial sellers.

The fashion sub-site Sneaker Spot, launched in October 2015, lists new and used sport shoes from private and commercial sellers.

Denis Burger (from his LinkedIn page with thanks)

EBay signaled it will be building out its cooperation with commercial sellers last month, when it created the new position of “senior director of seller growth” and appointed Denis Burger (photo) to the position.

According to a recent news release announcing the appointment, Burger is responsible for the “acquisition and scaling of the business with existing commercial sellers, purchasing groups and brands.” He will also oversee the programmatic and direct advertising activities. Prior to EBay, Burger was a partner at Oliver Wyman, specializing in digital growth strategies and marketing.

EBay also announced last month it moved Reinhard Schmidt, the former head of EBay Motors and EBay Fashion Unit, among other tasks, into the role of senior director of hard goods verticals. He replaces Martin Barthel who left the company.

Schmidt now oversees the segments home / garden, consumer electronics, and auto parts / accessories.


Kate Rodriguez

Kate Rodriguez covers the German market for AIM Group. She is a freelance business writer with an extensive background in public policy, business consulting and marketing. Originally from the U.S., Kate is now based in Munich.