Zhaopin: White-collar jobs hot

02 Jan 2017

Zhaopin, one of the leading recruitment sites in China, says competition for white-collar jobs intensified in Q4 of 2016 while average monthly salaries in the country rose as well.

Zhaopin, which competes with 51job.com and others, publishes a quarterly report on the labor market and white-collar employee demand in China. The data are based on information gathered through the site.

A “competitive index” it calculates for white-collar jobs, based on the number of resumé applications divided by the number of job vacancies was up to 40.3 in Q4 from 37.8 in Q3. It was the first increase in 2106; the index declined in each of the three quarters.

Average monthly salary continued a trend of growth throughout 2016, rising slightly to RMB 7,606 ($1,095 U.S.), from RMB 7,531 in Q3. Beijing remained the city with the highest pay, at an average monthly salary of RMB 9,835, followed by RMB 9,720 in Shanghai, RMB 8,640 in Shenzhen and RMB 7,853 in Guangzhou. Beijing was also the most competitive city by far, with 93.5 applications per vacancy, up significantly from 78.5 in the third quarter of 2016.

Zhaopin (NYSE: ZPIN) is majority-owned by Seek Ltd., the Australia-based international recruitment advertising giant. Other investors include Macquarie Group and Orchid Asia Group Management.


Don Gasper