Ingatlan unveils clever refinement to search tool

24 Jan 2017

In Hungary, a property is usually marketed by several estate agents, which often leads to the same property being listed several times on a real estate site by different agents.

Real estate site found an answer to the problem of listing proliferation – a problem which makes life unpleasant for the home seeker, Laura Szabo, chief product officer of Ingatlan, told (here).

Ingatlan developed a special algorithm which groups all duplicates together, making the results pages easier to scan. The function can easily be turned on and off by the searcher.

This search refinement took three months to develop, and launched in Budapest last September. The product is called “One Property At Once”, and launched in other Hungarian cities earlier this month.

This function makes the searcher’s life easier, as the issue of duplicate listings frequently complicates the navigation, she said. “In Western Europe and the U.S., there’s one agent and one property and that’s it. In Hungary, one property can be handled by multiple agents,” Szabo explained. is Hungary’s leading real estate vertical with around 200,000 listings and around seven million monthly visits (desktop and mobile site) on average, according to SimilarWeb.


Anastasia Gnezditskaia

Anastasia Gnezditskaia is a writer / analyst covering France, Benelux and Morocco. Based in Antwerp, Belgium, she has a background working for trade publications covering markets and their regulation in Washington, D.C., where she lived for 10 years. Following this she managed international development projects in Africa at the World Bank, and worked as a journalist covering Congress, federal government agencies and financial markets, including energy futures.