Unless you were in Mexico, you probably wouldn’t have noticed that Facebook had launched Facebook Marketplace in the Spanish-speaking country.

The Mexican media didn’t look at the event attentively, and even Facebook itself didn’t disclose much detail about its new service in the Latin American country.

In Mexico, Facebook’s classifieds initiative will be called Mercado, Spanish for marketplace.

So far, Mexico is the first and only Latin American country to launch Mercado, or Facebook Marketplace.

As it rolls out online payments in Europe, Latin America and perhaps other emerging markets won’t see – at least for a while – any monetization efforts by the giant internet player.

“Facebook doesn’t facilitate payments and the shipment of products at Mercado,” the company made it clear in a news release.

A Facebook spokeswoman in Brazil told us, in Mexico Mercado should be a c-to-c platform, meaning dealers and real estate brokers won’t be targeted. At least, not immediately.

Facebook said it has no forecast for its Marketplace to arrive in Brazil, Argentina, or elsewhere in Latin America.

Mercado is available in Mexico to everyone over 18 years old, by way of Mercado’s apps for IOS and Android devices.

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