Malte Krueger, managing director of Germany’s largest auto site, announced two major development projects for 2017 in an interview with (here in German).

These include a solution “to simplify sales for private customers, and to open up a new source of supply to the dealerships” to be launched in the third quarter.

Malte Krueger, managing director of (courtesy of

In addition, the EBay subsidiary will create an extensive database of auto models to provide “greater orientation for auto buyers,” he stated. This will be rolled out most likely in the second half of the year.

In November, Krueger commented to the press that the site was developing an option for private owners to sell their autos directly to dealerships but provided no details or timeline.

While he still didn’t offer much detail on the project this time around, he did state that the new sales product will be different from the competition in that will not buy the autos directly.

The competition he’s referring to are a growing number of sites like and (translation: “I want to get rid of my car”), both online dealerships that buy autos directly from private sellers. They estimate the purchase price online and complete the sale at their brick-and-mortar trade-in centers located throughout Germany.

It sounds like’s trade-in solution will look a lot like AutoScout24’s Express-Verkauf and These models let private sellers offer autos in an online auction, whereby they receive offers from certified dealers and sell to the bidder of their choice. Express-Verkauf launched in late 2015, and in 2010. Both services are free for the seller. The dealer pays a commission based on the selling price. is ambitious about its new auto model database, which Krueger stated will be like a Wikipedia of auto information, just clearer and more visual. It’s currently testing the product under the name Carfacto through, the auto review site acquired in 2015.

With Carfacto, auto shoppers can research detailed information, including technical data, price and operating cost information, reviews, and crash test data.

It’s clear that is banking on holding on to its No. 1 spot in Germany by becoming the one-stop marketplace for private sellers and dealerships, offering everything both sides need to research, buy and sell.

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