Online real estate classifieds are gaining traction fast in Iran – a trend which has stimulated the emergence of more players in the past few years.

Hesam Oqbaei, head of the Tehran Association of Realtors (TAR), put the current number of real estate sites in Iran at 24. In fact, within a decade, all the deals in housing will be started and concluded online, Oqbaei told Financial Tribune.

Oqbaei is the driving force behind property start-up, which started operating late last year.

On audience, leads the pack of Iran’s biggest real estate verticals. In 2016, it averaged a monthly visit number (desktop and mobile site) of around 167,000, followed by (99,000), (90,000) and (88,000), according to (look at chart above).

General classifieds sites and also list properties for selling and renting. They are the top players with monthly visits of five million and one million, respectively.

How many of those visits ended up in the category real estate, is unknown. SimilarWeb doesn’t measure visits to sub-domains.

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