OLX has been advertising many senior, and challenging jobs in different parts of the world recently. All in all, 186 jobs are advertised on its jobs site JoinOLX.com.

In Kiev, Ukraine, OLX is looking for a chief operating officer (more here). The job has been online for only a week, and 62 candidates have applied already. It is one of seven vacancies in Kiev.

Twenty-three jobs are vacant in Buenos Aires, Argentina, mostly for developers (here). Twenty-six jobs are up for grabs in Berlin (here). In my next life I’m coming back as a Java software engineer – this job is so hot at the moment, it’s just not funny.

India has ten senior positions available, Indonesia five, in Lahore, Pakistan four (of which two are for business developers to build the verticals auto and real estate out), in Warsaw and Posnan, Poland there are 30 jobs open (including a data scientist), in Lisbon, Portugal 29 jobs are up for grabs, and Bucharest, Romania has four jobs.

OLX must be growing!

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