Spanish auto classified celebrated achieving sales (transactions) with a combined value of more than $5 million in its first year. The start-up was co-founded by Pablo Fernandez and Carlos Rivera, who come from finance and consulting backgrounds.

Fernandez and Rivera studied at Harvard and Columbia Universities respectively. They worked on a wide range of projects in the banking, auto and entrepreneurial sectors, in the U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia, before starting Clicars.

Clicars specializes in low-mileage, high-value second-hand cars. It aims to streamline the purchase process and was the first Spanish site to offer electronic signatures, according to a report in Fernandez, quoted in the article, said: “It allows [users] to securely buy or sell a car in a matter of hours.”

Each second-hand car offered is certified by Clicars own reviewers. The descriptions of autos on the site include so-called “Clicars certification” ratings, a list of features, and a side-box with the names and qualifications of the reviewers of the vehicles.

Clicars further works to build consumer confidence by offering online chat support, and numerous ways to contact and ask questions about the vehicles. Clicars also offers a seven-day or 1,000-kilometer guarantee, allowing buyers to return cars within those perimeters.

This consumer-focused approach has paid off.

In addition to handling transactions worth more than $5 million in its first year, Clicars was named “Start-up of the Year” in the Premios RTVE Awards, hosted by Spanish media group RTVE.


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