It’s fun, says Sandy Schwartz, Cox Auto president

16 Feb 2017

Sandy Schwartz, president of Cox Automotive

If you want to know why we love Sandy Schwartz of Cox Automotive Group, a down-to-earth guy who runs a $7 billion company, you’ve got to read this interview from Wards Auto. The only thing wrong with it is that we didn’t do it first. Jealous.

A couple of samples:

WardsAuto: You have 25 brands. Do you see yourself as like a conductor of a symphony where everyone is playing together and putting out a single thing or is this a conglomeration that’s covering all the bases?

Schwartz: Every single person in our organization works perfectly well with everyone else and has no issues with anything.

WardsAuto: Wow.

Schwartz: I’m kidding. It was a challenge bringing all these companies together. It was a symphony, but with a lot of off-key tunes. We’re still working hard to bring everyone together, but we’ve made amazing strides.”

Schwartz, a one-time newspaper guy who still thinks like a reporter, said his job is to ask a lot of questions. He talked about his parents, who survived the Holocaust. Dad was an optimist; Mom is a pessimist. “I understand why she’s a pessimist; look what she’d been through. But there’s an answer to every problem. You’ve just got to work on it.”

About what he’s doing at Cox Automotive:

First of all, this is the best job I ever had. I’m having more fun and feel there’s a mission and a reason for doing it. Second, I work for great owners. This is no knock against publicly owned companies but working for a private company with a 20-year vision makes my job easier. Sure, we have budget and goals. But we’re not fixated on quarterly results.

My job is to get the roadblocks out of the way so people can do their jobs.

Read the interview. Worth it.


Peter M. Zollman

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