Following an online furore about unpleasant work experiences by employees, Nigeria-based internship start-up Stutern launched, an employer review and rating site, to improve user experience, and build brand presence.

Co-founder Taiwo Ayanleye said: “We hope the feedback we collate on Jobpalava can help companies improve the way they treat all their staff, so they can attract the best candidates, regardless of their rank.

“We also hope that people looking for jobs get some insight in what these companies are really like.”

Employees and ex-employees can rate employers by giving them between one and five stars, with five stars the very positive note. Ratings can be motivated with a few sentences. 

The review site looks set to get significant traction from interns and job seekers, and offer marketing value for Stutern, or even interest a leading recruitment player, such as, in buying the start-up. 

Stutern is the leader in internship recruitment in Nigeria with investments from Co-Creation Hub and Jobberman.

The ratings and reviews submitted to date, are rather negative. Maybe the Kununu way of rating employers is the more appropriate way (look here.)

Austrian-based rating site Kununu is owned by business network Xing, and is rolling out a joint venture with job site Monster in the U.S..

(At the time of writing, Stutern had been rated by one employee or ex-employee, and Jumia, the Rocket Internet marketplace, by five. Stutern got one star, and Jumia’s average rating was 2.5 stars. The reviews for Jumia (here) were quite negative. In fact, Jumia probably won’t recover from that start anytime soon! But, it’s early days – editor.)

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