Carousell, the mobile stuff app operating in Southeast Asia, launched a dedicated auto app called Carousell Motors, in Singapore (our report).

Carousell CEO Siu Rui Quek said, “high-value verticals will become a key revenue driver for the company”. So, more verticals might well be on their way.

Sanjay Shivkumar, head of Carousell Motors (photo from his LinkedIn page with thanks)

We put a number of questions to Sanjay Shivkumar, head of Carousell Motors. Here is his response.

AIM: What will happen to Caarly now that Carousell Motors is here?

Shivkumar: The Caarly team joined the Carousell family in October 2016 to help Carousell grow its cars category. The Caarly team has nine years of experience in the auto industry, and a great understanding of the businesses of its partners.

Since putting a greater focus on growing the cars category, we have seen a spike in growth of Carousell’s cars category. It was a signal to us that people are looking for more quality choices, and credible information from trustworthy sellers. We saw there was an opportunity to create a great experience for car buyers and sellers in Singapore.

 The team helped to develop Carousell Motors as a solution to the current frustration that car buyers face. We believe a dedicated app will give serious car buyers a more personal and breezier car-shopping experience, and bring greater value to our community.

What growth did Carousell see in motors in the past few weeks?

 We have about 10,000 car listings in the cars category of Carousell and on the app Carousell Motors, with thousands new listings added every month. Carousell Motors is one of the largest and fastest-growing mobile classifieds marketplace for cars in Singapore.

 It is a one-stop site for serious car buyers to access all the information they need at a glance to make the best decisions possible.

Why are there more features on the app than the desktop?

 Carousell Motors is a user-friendly, mobile marketplace that makes car-buying simple and enjoyable. Similar to the unique selling proposition of Carousell, the essence of Carousell Motors is essentially simplicity of use. Unlike other car sites, Carousell Motors utilizes the latest technology.

 The full list of Carousell Motors features includes:  

  • Compare: Users who have not decided on a specific car can easily compare between shortlisted vehicles to help them make their decisions.
  • A shortlist: Users can save vehicles to their shortlist and get notified when prices of the                 shortlisted vehicles change.
  • Snap, List, Sell: Similar to Carousell’s USP, our sell feature is designed to allow car sellers to snap-list-sell in less than 30 seconds, retaining the familiar selling process of Carousell.
  • Quick Filters: Base​d on the most common searches, quick filters allow users to find the best-suited cars for their needs within one, or two taps.
  • Personal vehicle log: ​Car owners can access information on their car registrations, road tax, outstanding traffic violations, market values, and many others. They can also put their cars up for sale with two taps when they are ready to sell.
  • Chat: ​Serious buyers are able to instantly connect to verified dealerships via the chat function to request more information or arrange for a test drive.
  • Loan calculator: ​Every listing has its own loan calculator to make it easy for users/shoppers to calculate affordability when sourcing a car.
  • Discover: Instead of searching for vehicles purely on pricing, our discover tags allow users to find vehicles based on their lifestyle.

What is your new / used car mix?

 Carousell Motors allow individual car owners and registered automotive dealerships to list used cars. At launch, the majority of our car listings came from registered automotive dealerships, since we had only started to grow our community of users.

How many dealerships have you gotten to partner with you?

 We have more than 200 partnerships with registered automotive dealerships. Our partners are listed in the dealers directory in our mobile app.

Are you charging any fees yet?

Carousell Motors is free to download and use for all car buyers. Registered car dealerships looking to list their used-cars on Carousell buy subscription packages with premium services and tools. These tools help them increase the visibility of their listings, manage their inventory of used-cars, and increase sales leads, to name a few services.

For individual car sellers there will be a small fee for listing their personal cars. The fee helps to ensure that only serious car sellers put their cars up for sale on our marketplace, and maintains the quality of information and listings for car buyers. The advantage of individuals selling their own cars without the help of a car sales agent, is that they can save on the agent’s fee.

How are you going to build on your network effects in the coming months?

We will be organising small meet-ups with car enthusiasts and deepening our engagement with Singapore’s active motoring community. Our focus would be on getting our first users and growing the Carousell Motors userbase, as well as building a strong product for a great car-buying and -selling experience.

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