Expertera to go international later this year

21 Mar 2017

Expertera, the Turkish marketplace which brings experienced, freelance specialists and companies together, is slowly building an international talent pool. Today, 30 percent of the experts registered on the site are from outside Turkey.

Hayal Koc, managing partner of Expertera since 2014, looking to expand abroad (photo from LinkedIn with thanks)

Expertera was founded by Alp Sezginsoy in 2013, and Hayal Koc joined the start-up as a managing partner in 2014. Today, it offers companies a wide spectrum of expertise on demand. According to Koc, the average work experience of experts on the site is 15 years.

“There are different types of experts, including retired experts, C-suite managers, freelancers, EMBA/PhD students, assistant professors, to name a few,” she said.

Koc said the name Expertera is a combination of “Expert” and “Era”. “On-demand is a revolution which will impact all of us. We offer the future way of working to companies and experts in Turkey and countries in the region,” she said.

Expertera is based in Turkey, but works with experts and companies outside the country.

Koc said the site will expand beyond the borders of Turkey later this year. “We are evaluating two markets and will choose one of them,” she said, without being more specific.

According to Expertera, more than 13,000 experts offer their skills on the platform – 30 percent of whom live abroad. To date, more than 1,000 experts have been mediated for on-demand, time-limited jobs at companies.

Expertera mediates hourly jobs, daily jobs (eg. workshops, meetings), jobs with longer horizons (weekly and monthly), and temporary positions (such as management jobs with 3- to 12-month run-times). The companies pay Expertera, which in turn pays the experts minus a commission.


Emre Dalkilic

Emre Dalkilic joined the AIM Group in 2014 as writer and analyst for Turkey. He has been working as a reporter, editor, editor-in-chief, and executive editor in different (primarily focusing on the growing Turkish economy) magazines more than 13 years. As a member of multiple organizations focusing on global economies coupled with a passion for scientific research, he actively contributes coverage on various business sectors within the online media and classified industries.Emre won three scientific article prizes in the field of economics and his works can be seen in many daily newspapers in Turkey (such as Sabah, Zaman and Radikal). He also works with non-governmental organizations as a volunteer and occasionally serves as a board member. Emre has also been involved in social projects including a project with the World Bank.