Media-for-equity popular among EU classified start-ups

23 Mar 2017, the information site for technology and venture capital in Europe, released an interesting report on the use of media-for-equity in Europe by start-ups to build awareness and gain traction.

Here is the 5-slide report (PDF).

A surprising number of classified and recommerce start-ups have already used this alternative to the traditional capital injection. Among them, 123Makler, Talentry, JobToday, Book A Tiger, ePetWorld, Momox, 9Flats, AsGoodAsNew, JobAroundMe, CornerJob, HundredRooms, JobToday, Wallapop, and Immoinverse.

CornerJob has even signed five media-for-equity deals with five different media companies, or media company networks, namely 5M Ventures, Ad4Ventures, Mediaset, TF1 and RTL Group. JobToday has signed three deals to date, namely with German Media Pool (GMPVC), Atresmedia, and with Channel 4 (the last deal was overseen by the compiler of the Dealroom report; we reported it here).

The report lists the total amount (in € million) every media company has “invested” in start-ups in exchange for equity. Included in these amounts are media exposure and (sometimes) a cash payment.

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Christo Volschenk

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