, leading online classified site in Bangladesh, is working to increase the participation of women in the mainstream economy with its ‘Moner Janala’ program. (Moner Janala means “window of your mind” in Bengali.) 

“To strengthen gender equality at, we introduced a female forum, called Moner Janala, in 2016, where female colleagues can share their thoughts and experiences,” Martin Malmström, managing director at Bikroy told us. 

“On top of quarterly internal sessions and lectures by leading female professionals in Bangladesh, they also get special training, depending on the business needs … to encourage females to continue their professional careers,” he said.  

Recently, the marketplace arranged Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet software) training for all its female employees, to upgrade their financial and accounting skills, it announced on its LinkedIn page.

Bikroy, owned by Sweden-headquartered Saltside Technologies AB, launched in 2012. It has more than 100 employees. The site revised its ratio for female workers to total employees upwards to 36 percent from 29 percent at the beginning of 2016, in line with the United Nations Women-initiated solidarity campaign for women’s empowerment, to which Bikroy is a signatory.

In Bangladesh, female participation in the total labor force was 40 percent in 2014, according to the World Bank. Over the past decade, the ratio has, however, been increasing. and are the two main competitors of in the south Asian country.

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