, the No. 1 site for real estate information in Japan, will roll out an innovative smartphone tool soon for the short-term rental of listed parking spaces for autos. The app is called Suumo Drive. The app will dovetail with a monthly parking rental service already on the Suumo site (here).

Suumo is a Recruit Holdings site.

Suumo Drive is scheduled to kick off at the end of April. It will allow owners of parking lots/empty parking areas to list the spaces for short-term rent, and in that way monetize their valuable assets. After registering, which is easy, they can list their parking spaces free of charge.

Logo of Suumo Drive

“It is a completely free service that does not charge the advertiser at any stage – neither for listing, replying to enquiries, nor for contracting,” Suumo Drive says on its site (here).

Suumo Drive will, however, earn revenue from certain fees to be charged to the driver (short-term rentor). The auto owner planning a night at the movies in the city center, will be able to search for and rent a suitable parking space in advance – and upon booking, pay for it in the app. Suumo Drive will earn a fee for this service, which will be added to the invoice of the parking-space owner (not subtracted from his income).

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